Singidnum University, Belgrade, Serbia is the largest private university in Serbia that offers its students modern curricula and teaching methods resembling those of the renowned university centres, with the main goal to empower young people to be competitive in the market and keep pace with contemporary tendencies and business trends. As an accredited Science and Research Organization it has plenteous research activities in line with modern worldwide scientific trends and achievements, and strategic focus towards research in the cutting edge engineering areas of Artificial Intelligence, Cyber-Physical Systems, Internet of Things, and other modern Computer, Communication and Cryptographic Systems.

Vlatacom Institute of High Technologies, Belgrade, Serbia is the first private Research and Development Institute in the field of ICT, certified by Serbia’s Ministry of Science (in 2015). By the work of its own hardware and software development, research, and system integration teams, with overall more than 150 employees, including 20 PhDs, Vlatacom Institute has a huge advantage in capability of tailoring solutions to fit the requirements and budget of many customer worldwide. It is a leading Serbian manufacturer and system integrator providing worldwide competitive solutions for traffic control and management, safe and smart city systems, multi-sensor imaging systems, Over-the-Horizon Radar and ICT security.

Faculty of Information Technology and Engineering, University Union
Nikola Tesla
is a private higher education institution, focused on providing the highest competences and skills to the students in the fields of decision making and efficient operation of modern production and business systems, providing fast and efficient training of highly skilled professionals, who will be capable to effectively manage the production and service processes of various systems. As an accredited SRO, over the past years, FITI has gathered and consolidated an extensive set of competences in various disciplines, covering the knowledge areas related to the Intelligent Systems, Artificial Intelligence and Cyber-Physical Systems.

 Project PI: Prof. Miloš S. Stanković