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Published paper in Serbian Journal of Electrical Engineering

Paper “Application of Deep Learning Algorithms and Architectures in the New Generation of Mobile Networks“, by Dejan Dašić, Miljan Vučetić, Nemanja Ilić, Miloš Stanković and Marko Beko, has been published in Serbian Journal of Electrical Engineering.

The paper presents a detailed overview of state-of-the-art applications and services related to the new generation of mobile networks that employ deep learning methods. Modern architectures used for their deployment have also been discussed. The paper also presents a practical use case of modulation classification using deep learning in an application essential for modern spectrum management.

Published paper in IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems!

Paper “Distributed Value Function Approximation for Collaborative Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning“, by M.S. Stanković, M. Beko and S.S. Stanković, has been published in IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems (IEEE TCNS)!

In the paper, several new distributed gradient-based temporal difference algorithms for decentralized multi-agent off-policy learning of the value function in Markov decision processes were proposed, rigorously theoretically analyzed and verified using extensive simulations.

Published paper in journal Sensors!

Paper “Distributed Spectrum Management in Cognitive Radio Networks by Consensus-Based Reinforcement Learning“, by D. Dašić, N. Ilić, M. Vučetić, M. Perić, M. Beko and M.S. Stanković, has been published in journal Sensors!

In the paper, the authors proposed a new algorithm for distributed spectrum management in Cognitive Radio Networks (CRN) based on a multi-agent reinforcement learning scheme. The paper presents a detailed discussion and analysis of the algorithm’s properties, together with extensive simulations illustrating the effectiveness and advantages of the proposed scheme.