Published paper in journal Mathematics!

Paper “Tuning Machine Learning Models Using a Group Search Firefly Algorithm for Credit Card Fraud Detection“, by D. Jovanovic, M. Antonijevic, M.S. Stankovic, M. Zivkovic, M. Tanaskovic and N. Bacanin, has been published in Mathematics!

The research published in the paper proposes a hybrid machine learning and swarm metaheuristic approach to address the challenge of credit card fraud detection. The novel, enhanced firefly algorithm, named group search firefly algorithm, was devised and then used to a tune support vector machine, an extreme learning machine, and extreme gradient-boosting machine learning models. Boosted models were tested on the real-world credit card fraud detection dataset. The performance of the proposed group search firefly metaheuristic was compared with other recent state-of-the-art approaches. The experimental findings clearly demonstrate that the models tuned by the proposed algorithm obtained superior results in comparison to other models hybridized with competitor metaheuristics.